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Notorious hacker Bjorka denies police arrest claim

Tempo - September 16, 2022

Febriyan, Jakarta – The hacker that recently gained notoriety in Indonesia, Bjorka, has responded to the report of his arrest by the police. The hacker however said that the arrested man was only an account holder in the Dark Tracer, a platform that monitors and traces malicious activities in Darkweb and Deepweb

Bjorka reportedly expressed this in his Telegram group on Thursday, September 15. He acknowledged the arrest but also blamed it on the platform's 'sin' in feeding fake services and false information to the Indonesian government.

As previously reported, police nabbed a man identified as MAH at the rural part of Madiun Regency, East Java, on the evening of September 14.

This arrest was confirmed by National Police spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo but he explained that investigators had yet to conclude whether the man they nabbed was Bjorka. The status of the man as he was arrested was also still unclear.

"It has not been concluded that (the person is a hacker) because it is still being investigated by a special team. I am not competent to explain before the special team has finished working," said Dedi on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

MAH suspected to be Bjorka based on Dark Tracer analysis

The analysis alleging MAH to be the notorious hacker emerged in a report by Dark Tracer in a webinar on September 8, after the website showed a digital footstep of the series of data breaches in Indonesia.

The Dark Tracer report claimed there are a total of 124 suspected perpetrators incriminated in data leaks in Indonesia that ended up on the black market and hacker forums.

After narrowing down up to 14 suspected perpetrators, Dark Tracer made an allegation against a man who resides in Indonesia. It went as far as to disclose the personal data of the alleged perpetrator along with his photo with the initials of MA, a 23-year-old male. Other names accused of being Bjorka are Akihiro san, Ahihiro, Gumelarzt, Bjorkasim.

In August, Bjorka started his series of claimed data breaches stolen from Indihome. A total of 26 million stolen browsing histories were leaked along with the customer's name and citizenship identification number (NIK) at the breached.to website.

Then, Bjorka followed his action by selling 1.3 billion SIM card registration data which contained data such as NIK, telephone number, telecommunications operator, and registration date. The hacker claimed to have obtained 87 GB of data from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo). A total of 2 million data were used as free samples as he intended to prove the validity of the data in his possession.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1634887/notorious-hacker-bjorka-denies-police-arrest-clai