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RI seeks major transaction deals in Gamescom 2022

Jakarta Post - August 17, 2022

Deni Ghifari, Jakarta – Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry announced that Indonesia is sending 13 delegations for the annual conference Gamescom in Germany to bump up the ever-potential Indonesian gaming industry.

"We hope our 13 delegations can come home with a lot of business deals, [whether for] game-developer companies, game publishers or game services. We expect optimum performance in B2B activities," said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno in a press conference on Monday.

Held on Aug. 24-28 in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is one of the biggest gaming events worldwide in which game developers and investors can meet each other to make transactions.

Cipto Adiguno, head of Game Association Indonesia (AGI), said there were three different kinds of transactions taking place in Gamescom.

"First is partnering for funding a production of a game. [...] There is also the transaction of providing services for bigger developers to work on their products. [...] And there is also license transaction. In that, say we have a finished product, then we sell the license to be used by a partner abroad," Cipto told The Jakarta Post.

"As a player in creative industry, our dream is of course to have our own product that goes international," Cipto further explained, saying that the money from these transactions is usually used for developing one's product.

This year is the first Gamescom held offline after two years of pandemic and AGI said it will significantly bump up the transactions as deal follow-ups are easier when done face-to-face.

"We met a lot of people last year, big potentials, but the percentage of those meetings that turned into business materialization is low," Cipto said.

Since last year's online event reached a total transaction of Rp 30 billion (US$203,000), Sandiaga Uno set this year's target to be twice as much.

Government involvement in this sector is only logical, considering how the market potential it offers is of great significance, as Dedy Permadi, spokesperson for the Communication and Information Ministry, pointed out. Specifically, there are 2.7 billion game players in the world and the numbers were projected to increase by 400 million by the end of 2023.

"Domestically, [the ministry] has noted through IGRS [Indonesia Game Rating System] platform that up to 2021, there are 350 developers in Indonesia, among which 85 are locals and 265 others are foreign. The global valuation of the gaming industry amounted to $214 billion in 2021 and is projected to amount to $321 billion in 2026," Dedy said.

The thirteen Indonesian delegations are Agate, Arsanesia, Big Fire Studios, Devata Game Production, iOTA, Megaxus, Niji Games, UMN Pictures, Satriver, Komodoz, Redamantine Studios, Bundar and Wisageni Studio.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/business/2022/08/17/ri-seeks-major-transaction-deals-in-gamescom-2022.htm