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Pre-employment card recipients currently reach 12.8 million: Ministry

Antara News - June 16, 2022

Agatha Olivia, Raka Adji, Jakarta – The number of recipients of the Pre-Employment Card Program has, until now, reached 12.8 million since being launched in April 2020, an official from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs stated.

All those recipients come from 34 provinces in the country, including various frontier, outermost, and remote regions that have never received training programs before.

"This is due to the end-to-end digital transformation conducted by the Pre-Employment Card team," Deputy for Coordination of Digital Economy, Employment, and MSMEs at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Rudy Salahuddin noted at a media briefing here on Thursday.

Salahuddin remarked that the entire process of the Pre-Employment Card Program, right from registration to job training and the provision of incentives, is conducted digitally.

According to the deputy, an excellent ecosystem is already in place in the Pre-Employment Card Program, supported through collaboration and synergy with other existing ecosystems.

Salahuddin elaborated that the ecosystem highlighted is the existence of six digital platforms, six payment system partners, four job portals, eight educational institutions, 171 training institutions, and over one thousand active training courses in the Pre-Employment Card Program.

Due to the extraordinary achievements and impact of the Pre-Employment Card Program, President Joko Widodo has called for holding a gathering that will be attended by various alumni of the Pre-Employment Card Program.

"This event will be held on June 17, 2022, at 2.00 p.m. local time at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC)," Salahuddin stated. He noted that the event will involve at least eight thousand alumni of the Pre-Employment Card Program.

The event is expected to boost the community's interest in participating in the program, as this year, the government will still open recruitment, with a large quota, to enable people to avail the benefits on offer.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/234537/pre-employment-card-recipients-currently-reach-128-million-ministr