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BIN upholds Indonesia's sovereignty: MPR

Antara News - May 10, 2022

Imam B, Mecca Yumna, Jakarta – People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Chairman Bambang Soesatyo lauded the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) for maintaining national sovereignty throughout 76 years of its operation by fulfilling its duties and functions in the intelligence sector.

Soesatyo pointed out that their duties encompassed collection and data analysis for state military operations, contingency plans, as well as national defense policies.

The MPR chairman stated that the agency, led by General Budi Gunawan, on top of fulfilling its main duty, had also became a powerhouse in the efforts to expedite COVID-19 vaccination for every citizen.

Soesatyo highlighted that the agency had acted promptly by dispatching mobile labs and medical personnel, offered rapid tests, conducted disinfectant spraying, and also contributed to referral health centers, especially in areas that were the epicenters of COVID-19 transmission.

He also deemed Gunawan to have played a crucial role in establishing political stability in Indonesia, thereby leading to a fairly peaceful situation in the past five years.

"The political tension never exceeded (to a concerning level), so they do not interfere with the (ideal) situation for Indonesia's development. It is no wonder that the state's major (plans), such as the development of the Nusantara Capital City in East Kalimantan, can run well," he stated.

According to Soesatyo, the BIN should work extra hard in the wake of the current conditions, such as the post-COVID-19 pandemic, world geopolitical developments due to the Russia-Ukraine war, and various conditions in the world order, which were rapidly changing due to the developments in information technology.

He believes that the biggest threats to the people were also in the form of espionage, subversion, and sabotage that were suspected to have occurred due to foreign intervention in addition to the threats of terrorism, radicalism, border conflicts, separatism, as well as multidimensional conflicts.

To counter such threats, he stressed that the agency should have strong, reliable human resources that uphold values, such as professionalism, confidentiality, compartmentation, coordination, and integration, he remarked.

Indonesia has remained strong owing to the intelligence officers, who had fulfilled their duties and functions to the best of their abilities, as the human resources selected were not picked randomly.

Hence, he lauded the BIN for serving for 76 years from May 7, 1946, to May 7, 2022, while especially commending the personnel, who have chosen a silent path to conduct their state duties.

A silent path means that if an intel person succeeds, he will not be praised. If they fail, they will be scolded. If they are lost, they will not be searched for, and if they die, no one will weep over it, he stated.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/228561/bin-upholds-indonesias-sovereignty-mp