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Indonesia's coal, mineral non-tax revenue at record high of Rp70tn

Tempo - December 21, 2021

Fajar Pebrianto, Jakarta – Indonesia's Non-Tax State Revenue from the mineral and coal sector set a record high this year. As of December 10, the figure has reached Rp70.05 trillion, or 179.14 percent of the State Budget target of only IDR 39.1 trillion.

"This is the highest non-tax revenue achievement so far," the Energy Ministry's director of mineral and coal revenues, Muhammad Wafid, said in a press conference, Tuesday, December 21.

Wafid said that this was not just caused by the increasing prices of mining commodities, particularly coal, but also attributable to the government's management. "Because we mandate all taxpayers to immediately pay their taxes as an obligation to the state," he said.

Despite coal's soaring price, domestic production has actually been slow. The production volume target for 2021 is 625 million tons, but as of December 10 it had only reached 560 million tons or 89.6 percent.

Meanwhile, investment in the mineral and coal sector continued to be on a downward trend. As of December 10, the amount of actualized investment was US$3.5 billion, just 81.3 percent of the target. This is also the lowest investment from the sector over the past five years, which Wafid said is an impact of the pandemic.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1541679/indonesias-coal-mineral-non-tax-revenue-at-record-high-of-rp70t