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June 30, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 30, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – The Taxation Directorate General has unveiled the criteria for technology firms expected to collect value-added tax (VAT), including the transaction value

June 28, 2020

Jakarta Globe - June 28, 2020

Thereis Kalla, Nabil Alfaruq, Jakarta – Some of Indonesia's listed companies will enjoy a lower income tax rate of 19 percent this year and next year, with a further 3 percent cut star

June 26, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 26, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – Nearly 400,000 individual and corporate taxpayers have applied for tax incentives as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted economic activity, according t

Jakarta Post - June 26, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo signed Wednesday Perpres No.

June 25, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 25, 2020

Yunindita Prasidya, Jakarta – The World Bank has advised Indonesia to increase its human capital spending and improve the quality of that expenditure as the country pushes for economic

June 21, 2020

Jakarta Globe - June 21, 2020

Jakarta – The government has granted tax cuts and incentives to individuals or companies involving in the national efforts of Covid-19 pandemic mitigation from March to September, in a

June 17, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 17, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – The government has again increased its planned spending on Indonesia's battle against the COVID-19 pandemic amid plunging tax revenue and a widening state

June 16, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 16, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas and Eisya A.

June 8, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 8, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – Indonesia's 2020 budget deficit will widen further to accommodate a larger stimulus package, but economists and business representatives say it will still

June 5, 2020

Jakarta Globe - June 5, 2020

Triyan Pangastuti, Jakarta – Indonesia's state budget deficit is set to widen further this year as the government projects lower tax revenue despite bills piling up for its Covid-19 mi

June 4, 2020

Jakarta Post - June 4, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – The government unveiled on Wednesday a bigger stimulus package worth Rp 677.2 trillion (US$47.6 billion) to anchor the virus-battered economy, the growth

May 29, 2020

Jakarta Globe - May 29, 2020

Tara Marchelin, Jakarta – Indonesia's Supreme Audit Agency, or BPK, plans to audit how regional governments have been reallocating their budget for Covid-19 mitigation starting next mo

May 19, 2020

Jakarta Globe - May 19, 2020

Diana Mariska, Jakarta – The Finance Ministry has projected the government to post its biggest deficit in at least three decades this year as a combined result of shrinking state reven

April 23, 2020

Jakarta Globe - April 23, 2020

Lenny Tristia Tambun, Jakarta – The government would soon extend a series of tax breaks issued to counter the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic to all sectors, eyeing to inje

April 21, 2020

Jakarta Post - April 21, 2020

Norman Harsono, Jakarta – The government is pushing regencies to slash street lighting taxes (PPJ) for 31 million of Indonesia's poorest homes in helping them weather the economic shoc

April 17, 2020

Jakarta Post - April 17, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – Indonesia's state budget deficit fell to Rp 76.4 trillion (US$4.94 billion) in the first quarter of 2020 as revenue grew significantly from a year earlier

April 14, 2020

Jakarta Post - April 14, 2020

Rizki Fachriansyah, Jakarta – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has urged local administrations to reallocate their respective regional budgets (APBD) to fund the ongoing COVID-19 mitigat

April 13, 2020

Tempo - April 13, 2020

Dewi Nurita, Dio Suhenda (Intern Translator), Jakarta – The Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) noted that a number of regions have yet to report the alterations made to their region

April 8, 2020

Jakarta Post - April 8, 2020

Farida Susanty, Jakarta – The government's move to roll out the legal basis for imposing taxes on digital companies operating in Indonesia might just be the beginning of its struggle g

April 6, 2020

Jakarta Post - April 6, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – State revenue is expected to nosedive this year as the government rolls out tax incentives, including corporate income tax cuts, amid the COVID-19 outbrea

April 1, 2020

March 24, 2020

Jakarta Post - March 24, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – The House of Representatives has urged the government to issue a government regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) to revise the 2020 state budget, expand the

March 20, 2020

Jakarta Post - March 20, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – The government will reallocate Rp 62.3 trillion (US$3.9 billion) of state spending from the 2020 budget to tackle COVID-19, focusing on health care, the d

March 18, 2020

Jakarta Post - March 18, 2020

Adrian Wail Akhlas, Jakarta – "FILE YOUR TAX RETURNS." As if once is not enough, this message is repeated three times in gigantic lettering on billboards across Indonesia.