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Thorny road: Indonesian traffic cop filmed taking durian as bribe

Coconuts Jakarta - December 1, 2021

Further proving that the mighty durian is a valuable commodity in Indonesia, a traffic cop was filmed receiving a bribe of the thorny fruits in exchange for not writing a ticket, in an incident that has gotten the attention of the National Police.

The video, posted on Saturday, was taken by a driver of a truck carrying a cargo consisting of the king of fruits. Aiming his camera at the reflection in his side-view mirror, the driver explains that his colleague is picking out durians from the cargo for the traffic cop in lieu of a ticket for an unspecified road violation.

The National Police say they are aware of the viral video and have launched an investigation.

"We are looking into it. We still don't know where [the video] was taken," National Police spokesman Ahmad Ramadhan said yesterday.

"Members of the National Police who commit violations will be sanctioned. That is clear."

Durian bribes for unscrupulous, stinky enforcers of the law is certainly not something new in Indonesia.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/thorny-road-indonesian-traffic-cop-filmed-taking-durian-as-bribe