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Setara Institute condemns regent's dismantling of Ahmadiyah house of worship

Tempo - September 16, 2021

Friski Riana, Jakarta – Setara Institute director of research Halili Hasan in a statement on Wednesday strongly condemned the actions of Sintang acting-Regent Sudiyanto who ordered the dismantling of the house of worship belonging to the Ahmadiyah minority congregations.

"This is outrages from the acting regent and unconstitutional," Halili wrote on September 15.

The acting regent beforehand issued an order under the Regent's order No. 331.1/4110/Satpol.PP-B/2021 dated on September 8, mandating a forceful dismantling if his orders are not acted within the initial deadline.

The Setara Institute research director asserts that the dismantling of the Ahmadiyah house of worship violates Article 28E (1) and Article 29 (2) of the 1945 Constitution (UUD). He deems the acting Regent had folded under public pressure that is intolerant and sparking hatred and potential future violence against the Ahmadiyah minorities in the Sintang Regency.

He also believes the dismantling completely ignores the public call from government officials, House legislators, and political party members to do the opposite. Halili urged the Home Affairs Ministry to ensure that the Sintang administration acts within the realm of the law in handling the situation regarding Ahmadiyah.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1506782/setara-institute-condemns-regents-dismantling-of-ahmadiyah-house-of-worshi