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Victim of police shooting at rally in Yahukimo, Ferianus Asso, dies of his injuries

Tabloid JUBI - August 22, 2021

Victor Mambor, Jayapura – Ferianus Asso, the victim of a police shooting during a peaceful demonstration in Dekai, Yahukimo regency on Monday August 16, which was demanding the release of Papua activist Victor Yeimo, has reportedly died in hospital in Jayapura.

Asso was referred to the Bhayangkara hospital in Jayapura after doctors at the Yahukimo hospital removed two bullets from his body. After their removal, Asso was taken home because his family was worried if he was treated in the hospital.

West Papua National Committee (KNPB) activist Ruben Wakia was quoted by Suara Papua as saying that on August 17 Asso suffered shortness of breath and fainted. However he recovered so his family did not take him back to hospital.

Asso was eventually taken back to the Yahukimo hospital on Friday August 20 after his stomach had become distended. It was suspected that there bullet fragments still in his stomach.

The family eventually agreed to follow the advice of doctors at the Yahukimo hospital to take Asso to Jayapura for further treatment.

Wakia said that at around 3pm Asso was taken to Jayapura and admitted for treatment at the Bhayangkara hospital on the directions of the Yahukimo district police chief.

Despite this, Asso died in hospital on Sunday August 22 at around 3 am.

The August 16 a demonstration in Yahukimo ended after police forcibly broke up the action. Aside from Asso who subsequently died, 48 people were arrested at the demonstration.

Four people, Anton Hubusa, Lasarus Heluka, Afen Sambon and Fredy Heluka are still being detained by the Yahukimo regional police while 44 others have already been released.

They were Rayono Kobak, Arius Sobolim, Kenis Balingga, Lipet Sobolim, Dani Urban, Eniel Sengket, Teppi Urban, Jekson Mirin, Kenias Suhun, Jen Massi, Sakori Massi, Werban, Her Odban, Demianus, Elkius, Tapilis, Welianus Heluka, Tius Wetapo, Sepius Keroman, Akius Kobak, Nila Busup, Ampinus Kobak, Meki Kandeng, Jefri Keroman, Derti Keroman, Maikel Siep, Er Heluka, Mius Sama, Kalvin Sama, Assa Giban, Amanus Suhun, Hariel Keroman, Demison Keroman, Salos Balingga, Obet Magayang, Dey Kobak, Mario Ropmak, Matim Keroman, Rido Balingga, Lius Esema, Miel Esangoet, Yorina Bahapol, Elis Silak and Siba Yahuli.

As of posting this article, there has been no statement by the police on Asso's death. There has also been no response to questions sent by Tabloid JUBI to Papua regional police spokesperson Senior Commissioner Drs. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal S.H. seeking clarification on Asso's death.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Korban Tembakan Polisi Di Yahukimo Meninggal Dunia Di RS Polisi".]

Source: https://jubi.co.id/korban-tembakan-polisi-di-yahukimo-meninggal-dunia-di-rs-polisi