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Impostor clinic worker asks women for post-jab nudes, police investigate

Coconuts Jakarta - July 6, 2021

Police in Boyolali, Central Java is pursuing an impostor clinic worker who has been asking women for nudes with the pretense of medical evaluation after they received their COVID-19 jabs.The case came to light when a woman posted screenshots of her chat with the alleged impostor, who, while claiming to be a worker at a community health clinic (Puskesmas) in Teras district, asked her to take selfies showing her breasts and vagina for breast cancer and cervical cancer screening.

The woman said the impostor chatted her after she received her shot at the Puskesmas on June 26.

When she asked the Puskesmas directly about the solicitation for her nude photos, the clinic said the chat didn't come from one of their own, meaning that it was likely the impostor set up a fake account.

Local police said two women have come forward with the same complaint so far.

"People must be smarter and more selective in receiving information, especially since there are no such screening methods for vaccinations," Teras Police Chief Agus Marjoko said yesterday.

Police have not identified the person behind the account as of this article's publication.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/impostor-clinic-worker-asks-women-for-post-jab-nudes-police-investigate