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Panties-flashing motorcyclist in viral TikTok video may be charged with pornographic action

Coconuts Jakarta - September 17, 2020

Police in Indonesia are on the hunt for a female motorcyclist who flashed her panties on the road for all of TikTok to see, with the act of alleged exhibitionism possibly in violation of the country's strict anti-pornography laws.

A censored version of the TikTok video, which was uploaded by an unidentified user, was reposted on the Instagram account of South Magelang Police station in Central Java yesterday.

It shows a woman with her short black skirt pulled up to reveal her panties as she was riding her bicycle. Even though she pulled her skirt down the first time around, the fact that her underwear was exposed twice in the video seems to indicate that this was no wardrobe malfunction.

Police in Magelang have confirmed that the video was taken in the city and said they may process the case further for possible criminal violations by the woman and whoever filmed the video.

"We are investigating this, determining whether there is a criminal element to this or not. Once that's determined, we will try to identify the suspect," Magelang Police Chief Nugroho Ari Setyawan said.

Indonesia criminalizes the dissemination of pornography, but legislation on the subject vaguely defines what is actually considered pornographic. It's so vague, in fact, that organizers of a high-octane bird singing competition were once investigated for featuring "sexy dancers" at their event.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/panties-flashing-motorcyclist-in-viral-tiktok-video-may-be-charged-with-pornographic-action