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Anies breaks campaign promises on Ancol reclamation: Coalition

Tempo - July 15, 2020

Lani Diana Wijaya, Jakarta – The Save Jakarta Bay Coalition opined that Governor Anies Baswedan has broken his campaign promises as the latter allowed the Ancol reclamation project. The coalition recalled that Anies clearly stated his rejection of reclamation during the 2017 Election.

"To the coalition, the issuance of [reclamation] permit proves that Anies breaks his campaign promises to cancel the reclamation in Jakarta Bay," as quoted from the Save Jakarta Bay Coalition in a statement on Tuesday, July 14.

The coalition also highlighted four problems upon the reclamation project in Ancol, North Jakarta, regarding the legal aspects up to environmental degradation.

Lands created from the result of reservoirs and rivers dredging must not be used for reclamation. Because, the coalition explained, northern areas of Jakarta as a coastal area are at the risk of sinking due to land subsidence and rising sea level.

Otherwise, the Jakarta administration should benefit the lands to plant mangroves or other efforts to improve the ecosystem. "This reclamation clearly indicates that Jakarta does not implement a strategy on coastal disaster mitigation."

Therefore, the coalition urged Anies Baswedan to immediately revoke the Gubernatorial Decree No. 237/2020 on the permit for land expansion for Dufan recreational area at 35 hectares and East Ancol Dream Park at 120 hectares.

"The coalition also asked Anies to be consistent with his political promises by not allowing reclamation in the Jakarta bay with any reasons and committing to environmental recovery in the bay," the coalition underlined.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1365412/anies-breaks-campaign-promises-on-ancol-reclamation-coalition