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Jakarta Police officer investigated after video of him showing off gun goes viral

Jakarta Post - May 15, 2020

Jakarta – An officer of the Jakarta Police is being investigated by the police's internal affairs division after a video of him showing off his gun went viral on social media.

The viral video shows the officer wearing a police shirt while carrying a rifle. "So your boyfriend is handsome? Rich? But can he do this?" the officer says while cocking his gun.

The four-second video went viral after it was uploaded by Twitter user @kapansarjana. It gained 4.8 million views and more than 10,000 retweets in less than three days.

"Please tell your cadet not to be arrogant in front of the people, you and your cadets are paid by the people's tax money," @kapansarjana tweeted on Tuesday, tagging the National Police's official Twitter account, @DivHumas_Polri.

Several other netizens shared similar sentiments. "It's better to have a handsome and rich boyfriend than to have a boyfriend like you who is so arrogant just because you can cock a gun," a Twitter user wrote.

"Have your parents paid the bank the money they owe for paying your "entrance fee" [to the police academy]?" another user tweeted.

Other users shared videos and pictures of police brutality in the comments section.

National Police spokesperson Ahmad Ramadhan said the officer, identified only as GAP, was not a cadet in the police academy but an officer with the Jakarta Police.

"He's not a cadet like the news said, he's an officer at the Jakarta Police, Ahmad said on Thursday as reported by tribunnews.com.

The Jakarta Police internal affairs division, he said, was investigating the viral incident. "The initial investigation revealed that Brig. GAP made the video with a fellow officer when they were assigned to guard an ATM cash refilling."

Ahmad explained that, after recording the video, GAP uploaded it his WhatsApp story and did not share it elsewhere on social media.

He also said that GAP reported the @kapansarjana Twitter account to the Jakarta Police's directorate of special crimes investigation. (nal)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/05/15/jakarta-police-officer-investigated-after-video-of-him-showing-off-gun-goes-viral.html