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PSI deems Anies Baswedan 'enjoys' flooding as political stage

Tempo - February 28, 2020

Adam Prireza, Taufiq Siddiq, Jakarta – The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) faction member Justin Adrian Untayana, said that Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan seemed to see Jakarta's flooding as a political stage, questioning the latter's statement that he was focusing on handling the flood victims.

Justin also lamented the remark of Jakarta Secretary Saefullah, who called on Jakartans to enjoy the flooding. The two city officials, he added, seemed to use the disaster as a political stage to boost their electability.

"The secretary's statement hurts the people affected by the flood. Pak Anies may surely enjoy the flooding so that he gets chances to visit the location and meet the victims for photos," said Justin in a written statement on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Justin asserted that for the past 2.5 years, Anies had never discussed strategies to tackle flooding in the capital, but rather made actions after the disaster occurred. "And that's just a stage. Perhaps, that is his strategy as shown in the recent survey," Justin added.

The PSI politician quoted the result of a survey conducted by Indo Barometer from January 9, to January 15, 2020, that showed that 27.5 percent of the respondents voted for Anies for his social-minded figure. "Perhaps, [Anies] prefers to be known as a social-minded governor rather than a governor who is capable of dealing with flooding," Justin said.

According to Justin, the public needed Anies' real work in preventing floods before it hits the city. "Not after the disaster so that he can act like a hero and create a stage by distributing aids," he said.

Earlier, Anies Baswedan said the city administration was focusing on dealing with the ongoing rainy season. Meanwhile, Jakarta Secretary Saefullah, said that there was no governor of Jakarta who did not grapple with flooding.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1313412/psi-deems-anies-baswedan-enjoys-flooding-as-political-stage