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Video of Anies supporter claiming flooding 'always occurs on day off' under 'pious governor' goes viral

Jakarta Post - February 25, 2020

Jakarta – A video showing Betawi Association (Bamus Betawi) deputy chairman Rahmat HS asking Jakartans to be grateful for the prayer of Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan that major flooding usually took place on a day off went viral on social media shortly after massive flooding once again hit the capital on Tuesday morning.

"We should be grateful that the big floods always happen during the holiday. If this had not been because of Anies [Baswedan's] prayer, our pious governor, these floods could have happened on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday," Rahmat said during a TV interview with TVOne on Sunday.

"If [floods] happened during the holiday, it would not disrupt working [activities] and public services," he added.

A clip of the video went viral on Tuesday morning when widespread flooding disrupted traffic and train operations in Greater Jakarta, leaving commuters stranded.

One Twitter user, Ilham Khoiri, noted: "Greetings to Mr Mustache. [Now] he said that flooding in Jakarta always happens on days off, thanks to the prayers of the pious governor. Before his words have [faded], on Tuesday today, [during] working hours, Jakarta is flooded. Many employees can't get to work in Jakarta because it's flooded.

The latest major flooding took place on Sunday when water displaced more than 600 families and inundated dozens of major roads in the capital. Before that, a major flood took place on Jan. 1 – which was a day off.

Rahmat said he empathized with the flood victims but claimed that Anies was doing a better job than his predecessor, Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, in preventing flooding.

"For flood handling, the public can assess themselves. I am a part of society and I am the society's representative. We agreed that Anies' work in handling floods is much better."

Critics of Anies, however, have slammed the governor for failing to take the necessary actions to mitigate flooding during the rainy season. (roi)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/02/25/video-of-anies-supporter-claiming-flooding-always-occurs-on-day-off-under-pious-governor-goes-viral.html