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Anies Baswedan focuses on Formula E, not flood handling: Observer

Tempo - February 25, 2020

Imam Hamdi, Jakarta – Urban planning observer from Trisakti University, Nirwono Joga, criticized Jakarta's flood mitigation policies issued by Governor Anies Baswedan. He said Anies did not focus and seriously handle the inundation so that the disaster kept occurring with greater impacts.

"Jakarta Governor does not put serious efforts to prevent flooding since early January," said Nirwono through a text message on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

He admitted that today's flooding in the capital was attributable to heavy rainfall. However, the water overflow in the river and water channels during the local rain since Monday night proved that the city administration failed to manage and revitalize the river as well as the city's waterways.

"There is no serious effort to tackle the flooding that frustrates people, especially those who are affected," said Nirwono.

He opined that Anies recently seemed to be more concerned about the revitalization of the National Monument or Monas and Formula E after the New Year flooding.

He suggested the city government focus on renovating river banks, waterways, lakes, and reservoirs. Besides, Jakarta must open more green public spaces as water absorptions.

"Anies Baswedan did not carry out those [efforts] for the past two years. As the consequence, the flood problem was not settled well," Nirwono said, adding that only 33 percent of waterways in Jakarta could function well which has caused flooding in residential areas right after heavy rains.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1312171/anies-baswedan-focuses-on-formula-e-not-flood-handling-observer