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FPI slams Governor Anies Baswedan for allowing DWP and giving Colosseum an award

Coconuts Jakarta - December 16, 2019

Hardline group the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) has made their displeasure of Governor Anies Baswedan known after accusing the latter's administration of allowing "immorality" into the capital.

FPI's staunch criticism of Anies came after the administration allowed EDM festival Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) to take place over the weekend (despite the protest of a handful of people belonging to another ultra-conservative group), as well as last week giving Colosseum nightclub the Adikarya Wisata award, which recognizes accomplishments in the city's tourist sectors.

Colosseum, one of Jakarta's biggest nightclubs, has a reputation of being a hotbed of debauchery in the capital. The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has criticized its award win, reminding the public that drugs have been found in numerous raids of the establishment in recent years. Furthermore, the agency recommended for Colosseum's permanent closure following its most recent raid in September.

FPI, who are vocal supporters of Anies and who were instrumental in his ascend to power, have taken an uncharacteristic stance against the governor over the Colosseum and DWP controversies.

"FPI strongly condemns the city administration's policies in relation to the two examples," FPI said in a written statement signed by its chairman Ahmad Sobri Lubis, and general secretary, Munarman, yesterday.

In the statement, FPI shared practically the same concerns as BNN over Colosseum. As for DWP, the group said that the festival attracted young people who exposed their aurat (in Islam, the intimate parts of the human body that must be covered) and consumed food and drinks that were haram (forbidden for consumption).

FPI reminded Anies that Islamic support led to his gubernatorial victory in 2017, so religion must play a central role in his running of the capital. The group also urged Anies to consult ulemas for future policies.

However, not all hardliners were critical of Anies. Yusuf Muhammad Martak, chairman of the GNPF MUI – an umbrella organization of hardline Islamic groups that include FPI as one of its member groups – said there was nothing odd with Anies awarding Colosseum the Adikarya Wisata, saying that the decision must have come after careful deliberation and thought.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/fpi-slams-governor-anies-baswedan-for-allowing-dwp-and-giving-colosseum-an-award