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Indonesian woman sues ex-husband for his alleged affair with her mother

Coconuts Jakarta - January 31, 2023

You may recall a salacious story that went viral at the turn of the year, in which a woman from Serang, Banten alleged that her ex-husband had an affair with her mother. That case will now play out in court, as Indonesia outlaws infidelity.

In late December 2022, a young woman named Norma Risma spilled about her woes on TikTok. She recounted her heartbreak when, a month earlier, neighborhood officials caught her husband, Rozy Zay Hakiki, whom she married in 2021, in a room together with her mother/his mother-in-law Rihanah Anah.

Though Rozy and Rihanah were reportedly both undressed, they claimed that they were only having a deep heart-to-heart.

Norma did not buy their explanation, as she learned that Rozy and Rihanah had been secretly seeing each other for five years, or since Norma and Rozy started dating in high school. Norma has since divorced Rozy, while Rihanah and her husband have also parted ways.

Amid the immense public attention towards the family's convoluted drama (which also inspired numerous memes), Rozy filed a lawsuit for online defamation against Norma in January.

Celebrity lawyer Hotman Paris then stepped into the ring in Norma's defense, after which Rozy dropped his lawsuit against his ex-wife on Jan. 24.

On Saturday, Rihanah penned an open letter finally admitting to her affair with Rozy. However, she claimed that it was Norma who set her up to have an affair with Rozy – who was an employee at a supermarket chain before this scandal emerged – in an elaborate ploy to divorce him and take his money.

Yesterday, Norma launched her legal assault with Hotman Paris' law firm confirming that they have reported Rozy and Rihanah to the police for their extramarital affair.

Under the Criminal Code, an act of infidelity, if reported by the victimized spouse, is a crime punishable by up to 9 months in prison. Indonesians will certainly be eager to see what happens next in this salacious family drama.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/indonesian-woman-sues-ex-husband-for-his-alleged-affair-with-her-mother