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PSI, PDIP at loggerheads over Jakarta budget plan

Tempo - December 6, 2019

Taufiq Siddiq, Jakarta – A member of the Jakarta Legislative Council's (DPRD) Commission C from the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) faction, Anthony Winza, rebuffed allegations that he sent a press release regarding yet another budget oddity for the procurement of computers and devices proposed by the regional tax and retribution agency worth Rp128 billion.

The accusations stirred turmoil between the PSI politician and a councilor from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) faction, Cinta Mega.

"I was accused of spreading a release to the media. I made the statement [on budget oddities] during the meeting and never shared it with the media," said Anthony at the DPRD building, Friday, December 6.

Anthony said he was strongly against the accusations, prompting a stubborn dispute between him and Cinta Mega. However, he opined that even if the information was spread to the media, it would not be a problem because it was an open statement.

Meanwhile, when met on different a occasion, Cinta Mega admitted she was involved in a bitter argument with Anthony. The PDIP politician said she only reminded him not to issue a release to the media.

"I just reminded him about what we had agreed in the commission that immature meeting discussions are not allowed to be exposed to the media," said Cinta at the DPRD building, Friday, December 6.

The clash between faction members of the PDIP and the PSI occurred on Thursday evening during a budget meeting of the Jakarta DPRD Commission C. Both got into a heated argument regarding the Jakarta budget plan. Other commission members tried to calm them down. The meeting was suspended until Friday morning.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1280810/psi-pdip-at-loggerheads-over-jakarta-budget-plan