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Governor Anies Baswedan pressed to issue anti-plastic bag decree

Tempo - August 13, 2019

Jakarta (Antara) – The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) Jakarta Executive Director Tubagus Soleh Ahmadi says the organization still awaits the governor's decree by Anies Baswedan to curb the use of disposable plastic bags in the city.

He says the city's problem in terms of plastic waste will not be solvable without being significantly overseen by the decree once promised to be introduced by Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan.

"[Anies Baswedan] promised to introduce the decree early in 2019, but then it changed to April, but we have not seen any decree being introduced. We don't understand what his reasons are," said TUbagus on Monday, August 12.

He added that Anies promised again to issue the anti-disposable plastic bags decree in early August during an anti-plastic campaign held by environmental organizations in July.

According to Tubagus, the constant stalling by the governor shows that Anies Baswedan is unaware of the fallout directly caused by it. Added with the lack of acceptable plastic waste management being enforced.

"He should have been aware that stalling to issue the decree would increase the number of plastics circulating in the city's environment," he said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1235234/governor-anies-baswedan-pressed-to-issue-anti-plastic-bag-decree