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Indonesia's internet is comparatively slow yet costly

Tempo - April 30, 2019

Moh Khory Alfarizi, Jakarta – Portal CupoNation Indonesia recently analyzed the fiber optics internet speeds among a number of Southeast Asia countries including Indonesia, which performed poorly with a relatively high tariff for a slow internet connection.

The discount scouting portal explained that the internet speeds of countries may vary because of several factors such as infrastructure, geography, and many more.

Meanwhile, internet providers charge varying degree of tariffs that are adjusted to the connection they are able to serve customers with.

CupoNation also studied 13 major internet providers in six major Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore's Singtel, Malaysia's UniFi, and Indonesia's IndiHome. But the study later concluded that the higher connection speed, the lower the charge for every Megabyte per second (Mbps).

Singapore values Mbps merely Rp325-Rp628; Malaysia offers it Rp677-Rp8,959 Mbps; Thailand with Rp1,080-Rp7,487 Mbp; the Philippines with Rp2,602-Rp35,586 per Mbps; Indonesia sees Mbps valued between Rp 14,895-Rp 43,500; while Cambodia is last with Rp 18,769-Rp 70,385 on every Mbps.

The study revealed that Singapore is the only Southeast Asian country that is able to offer fiber optic internet service up to a maximum of 2 Gigabytes per second (Gbps) while Indonesia is only able to provide up to 200 Mbps.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1200609/indonesias-internet-is-comparatively-slow-yet-costly