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Court indicts former Papua governor

Jakarta Post - July 7, 2015

Haeril Halim, National – Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prosecutors at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Monday indicted former Papua governor Barnabas Suebu for graft involved in the construction of a hydro power plant project on the Mamberamo River, Papua, in which the state recorded a loss of Rp 43 billion (US$3.2 million).

KPK Prosecutor Fitroh Rohcah-yanto said in the indictment that the prominent Papuan politician, who served two terms as governor, doctored budget allocations for the production of detailed engineering design (DED) for the power plant in the 2009-2010 provincial budget.

"He violated the law by instructing the project committee to assign the project to the defendant's company, PT Konsultansi Pembangunan Irian Jaya [KPIJ], without going through any tender process," Fitroh said on Monday.

Prosecutors allege that Barnabas committed the crime together with other individuals including KPIJ director La Musi Didi and Papua Energy and Mining agency head Jannes Johan Karubaba.

The renewable energy hydro project was intended to protect forest areas and reduce emissions in Papua, but was abandoned following discovery of the graft, KPK prosecutors said.

According to an audit conducted by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in June, irregularities in the project resulted in state losses totaling Rp 43 billion, part of which was funneled to Barnabas himself and scores of other individuals.

The indictment alleges that the state lost around Rp 10 billion in the production of DED in Sentani and Panai, as well as losses of Rp 15 billion and Rp 17 billion from DED works in Urumuka and Memberano respectively.

KPK prosecutors said that Barnabas received Rp 500 million in cash, while Jannes received Rp 4.8 billion in addition to Rp 5 billion that was wired to La Musi.

Other individuals who have allegedly benefited from the graft are: Geri Wicaksono with Rp 1.5 billion, Imam Wicaksono with Rp 1 billion, Presetijo Adi with Rp 760 million, Toto Purwanto with Rp 300 million, Philipus Waromi with Rp 546 million, Ibahim Badarudin with Rp 100 million, Leo Hehanusa with Rp 54 million, Linda Saebu with Rp 157 million and Robert Dimalouwe with Rp 45 million.

Prosecutors also allege that Barnabas channeled as much as Rp 4.6 billion from the project to the procurement committee, project supervisors and examiners and scores of other Papua administration officials.

In the indictment, the KPK also alleges that Barbanas gave Rp 20 billion to KPIJ and Rp 2 billion and Rp 532 million to PT Indra Karya and PT Geo Ace, respectively, "Due to the defendant's offenses the state has suffered losses as high as Rp 43 billion," Fitroh said.

In addition to the graft case, the KPK accuses Barnabas of violating Articles 2 and 3 of Law No. 31/1999 on corruption for enriching himself and other parties, as well as abusing his authority as Papua governor with regards to the hydro water project.

If found guilty of violating both Articles 2 and 3, Barnabas could be sent to jail for a maximum of 20 years.

The KPK have also invoked Article 55 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) on collective crimes in their prosecution against Barnabas.

The use of Article 55 implies that other parties may have played a role in the case, but so far the KPK said that the former governor is the only suspect in the case.

The trial was adjourned to Monday next week, when Barnabas and his team of lawyers will present their defense statement.

Source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/07/07/court-indicts-former-papua-governor.html