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Labora Sitorus listed as most wanted in West Papua

Jakarta Post - January 22, 2015

Nethy Dharma Somba, Jayapura – Labora Sitorus, a chief brigadier police officer in Raja Ampat, West Papua, has been included on the list of most wanted fugitives in West Papua and a team has been established by the state prosecutor's office in Sorong to hunt him down to serve his 15-year prison sentence.

"Labora Sitorus has been included in the list of fugitives because when the state prosecutor's office wanted to execute the Supreme Court's verdict, he was not found in Sorong Prison," the head of the state prosecutor office in Sorong, Damrah Muin, told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

During an appeal hearing in September 2014, the Supreme Court sentenced Sitorus to 15 years imprisonment and ordered him to pay Rp 5 billion in fines to the state. State prosecutors made the appeal to the Supreme Court after the Sorong District Court sentenced Sitorus to only two years imprisonment and ordered him to pay Rp 500 million in fines to the state.

Sorong Prison head Malii Hasan said Sitorus was allowed to leave the prison for health reasons in March 2014, but he did not return.

"Since leaving the prison for medical treatment, he has yet to come back to his cell and he has been declared a fugitive," he said, adding he had not been in the prison yet when Sitorus was allowed to undergo medical treatment outside the prison.

Source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/01/22/labora-sitorus-listed-most-wanted-w-papua.html