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60 Brimob personnel withdrawn from Lanny Jaya

Jakarta Post - October 16, 2014

Nethy Dharma Somba, Jakarta – The National Police have withdrawn 60 Mobile Brigade (Brimob) members from Pirime, Lanny Jaya regency, Papua, and moved them to Jayapura following a clash between two Brimob members and soldiers from Army Infantry Battalion (Yonif) 756.

The Brimob personnel had been assigned to a security operation under the operational control of Detasemen III Pelopor regiment at Brimob in Pirime, Lanny Jaya regency, Papua.

"To calm the situation and prevent it from worsening further, we withdrew the Brimob members assigned to Detasemen III Pelopor regiment in Pirime to Jayapura," Papua Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Pudjo Sulistyo said in Jayapura on Thursday.

He further said the Brimob personnel had been replaced with colleagues another Papua Police Brimob division.

The clash between the Brimob and Yonif 756 military personnel occurred on Monday, during which Battalion 756 commander Lt. Ali Okta suffered injuries to his left leg.

The clash erupted after a member of Yonif 756, who was traveling on a truck, refused a security inspection conducted by several Brimob members, leading to a quarrel during which they shot at each other.

The police's decision to withdraw the 60 Brimob personnel was taken after Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Yotje Mende led a team to investigate the cause of the armed conflict in Pirime.

"The team was working for two days to collect information from both parties and witnesses and to carry out an examination in the field. It was concluded that the conflict was triggered by a misunderstanding. The personnel, who are mostly young, were unable to control their emotions and this aggravated the situation," said Pudjo.

He further said both parties had agreed to end the conflict and apologized to each other, meanwhile injured personnel were undergoing medical treatment at Marthen Indey Hospital in Jayapura.

It was reported that the armed conflict had not affected the public or government activities in Lanny Jaya regency.

"I have held a meeting with community leaders and all agencies and working units, reassuring everyone that the situation in Lanny Jaya regency is under control," the regency's regional secretary, Chris Siholait, told The Jakarta Post in Tiom, Lanny Jaya, on Thursday. (ebf)

Source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/10/16/60-brimob-personnel-withdrawn-lanny-jaya.html