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Dita Sari gets six years

ASIET - April 23, 1997

Press reports have stated that the Surabaya court has handed down a sentence of six years for Dita Sari, President, Indonesian Centre for Labour Struggles (PPBI) and four years for Coen Husein Pontoh, from the National Peasants Union (STN).

The prosecution had demanded nine years.

ASIET is now preparing statements, pickets and other actions to protest these sentences as well as the sentences on other PRD priosners, expectedc next Monday.

The sentence of six years reflects a retreat by the dictatorship under pressure from campaigns by the PRD and its supporters in Indonesia as well as international campaigns. The sentence stands in stark contrast to the rabid attacks by General Hamid and others on the PRD for being the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) incarnate.