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Sustained Yellowization, United Development Party Officially Sues Governor Soewardi

IMN - March 21, 1997

Yogyakarta – The United Development Party's (PPP) plan to bring the yellowization case to green, is not just a bluff. Seven PPP Regional Executive Board leaders of the Surakarta area agrred to sue Governor Soewardi, They officially authorized the case to the UII Legal Consultancy and Aid Institution (LKBH) Yogyakarta, on Monday (3/17).

The seven Regional Executive Board leaders present at the UII Legal Consultancy and Aid Institution's office at Lawu Street No. 3, Kota Baru, Yogyakarta were Regional Offices Solo, H. Moedrick Setiawan Sangidoe; Boyolali, Habib Masturi; Klaten, Mardiyono Puspito; Sragen, Rus Utaryono; Karanganyar, Rumdhani; Wonogiri, Anding Sukiman, and Sukoharjo. Each leader was given the opportunity to speak, to explain the reasons for their arrival.

"We have come here to hand over the case against Governor Soewardi," said Moedrick representing his six colleagues. The power of attorney was immediately accepted by the five lawyers. They are Busro Muqodas SH, MHum, Artidjo Alkostar SH, Samsul Hadi SH, Ali Mustafa SH and Akhmad Muthosim SH.

The legal steps taken by PPP, said Moedrick, were because their efforts to dam the yellowization movement in Central Java met a dead end. Advice, criticism, and protests conducted throughout this time had no reponse as should have been. "Governor Soewardi tended not to notice," he said. In fact, the movement to yellowize all public facilities became even worse.

Efforts to sue Governor Soewardi, continued Moedrick, are more of a moral movement rather than political. "We are suing the unfair and unjust actions of government officials," he said. The lawsuit, is the peak of what's been accumulated so far. "The people are sick of the policies of this unintelligent leader," he added.

The yellowization policy, according to Busro Muqodas, is a manifestation of power not paradigmed by law. These lop sided political actions -undemocratic-, effect the social political atmosphere. More than that, it hurts the just conscience of PPP members especially.

The governor takes such actions, continued Busro, without any legal basis. Anti-judicial. Both laws and regional regulations. And at the same time is an undemocratic attitude. Because, it puts aside the voices of the people's representatives which should be noted and heard in making regional regulations. "These lop-sided yellowization actions have pulled the democratic spirit, which should be upheld in the Panasila democratic life," he added.

Legal actions of the plaintiff, he continued, are a visualization of their constitutional commitment in an effort to uphold political justice and the building of democracy.The UII LKBH's team, shortly will submit the lawsuit papers to the Semarang Court as soon as possible. "Anywhich way, in a week's time we will be listed at court," said Busro. The LKBH supports the lawsuit, after letters sent to the heads of the Indonesian Legislative Assembly/House of Speakers went unheard.

According to Busro, the basis of law used to sue Goevrnor Soewardi is clear. That is, Article 1365 KUH Perdata, of breakign the law. Other articles, Article 3 clause 2 of Transportation Minister Letter of Decree No. KM 60 Year 1993, about road markers. In the Leter of Decree it's already clear, that road markers must be white. In the uproar of yellowization, road markers to protector trees and other traffic facilities were painted yellow. In dact, all facilities taht could be painted, were made yellow.

The compensation claims are not absurd. First, the halting of yellowization, repainting all public facilities back to their original color. And, a little nominal material compensation. "Well, at the least enough to cover the cost of white paint that PPP bought," said Busro in jest.

Busro is optimistic his client's claim will win. "With the grace of God hopefully we'll win, it's obvious the basis of the yellowization policy has no clear legalities," he said. If taht's true? "I'll give the compensation money as a bonus for Central Java athletes," said Moedrick. A while back, PPP Regional Executive Board gathered funds from society. The money as donated to prestigious athletes in PON XIV. This was done, since the Governor was reluctant to give a bonus to athletes that had donated medals.