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Sritex wins order from NATO

George J. Aditjondro - March 21, 1997

How could it be, that nobody in Europe seems to mind that this Indonesian company, which is employing (or, rather, exploiting) female East Timorese workers, and is exporting its product to Portugal, regardless of the trade embargo between Indonesia & Portugal, is now becoming a NATO supplier?

This was the factory, from where a mass demonstration was carried out by the People's Democratic Party (PRD) in December 1995, which nearly caused the popular poet, Widji Thukul (now underground) to lose his sight, due to police/military beating......

This is also the factory, which belongs to the Sritex Group, in which the Harmoko family own shares, which has cost Dr Sri Bintang Pamungkas his position as MP, when he exposed Sritex credit scandals in the parliament in 1994.........

This factory also has the monopoly over the production of batik shirts for the Indonesian ruling party, Golkar, and battle uniforms for the Indonesian army.......... to use in East Timor, West Papua, Aceh, and now in West Kalimantan as well.

After citing the Jakarta Post story, I will attach my section on PT Sritex from my 1994 book, just as a reminder. Thanks for your attention.