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Message from 'informer'

Unknown - March 6, 1997

[This item was received on March 6. The original sender and posting are unknown. Grammatical and spelling errors have been left uncorrected intentionally - JB]


During this time, Indonesia is among countries whose economic began to improve. This will make Indonesia a strong country which couldn't be dictated by the west. And this make the Western co1untries are afraid and won't be letting this happen. Whatever it takes, they have to destroy, although not fatally, Indonesia by shaking Indonesia's political life, because they know that economic is not a good way to do that. They also knew that Indonesia consist of hundreds different ethnic groups, that kept united till know under the idiology. They figure out, by making these ethnic fight each other they can make a social unrest and can make Indonesia's economic step a little lower. They know what happened in Bosnia Herzegovina, it's easy to make a country with different ethnic groups crumble just by lighting a fire between them. They're trying to do that too here. And to back up their purposes, they spread bad thing that discredit Indonesian government so that Indonesian people wouldn't trust their government again. This will make the job easier for them and to do this they won't need any trouble at all, just hire some people, a lot of them Indonesians who is in exile or just Indonesian who is willing to be payed to attack their own country. It's not hard, since some Indonesian people are so easy to persuade and they don't know politic very well, they are still immature in politic, this is the weakness of the government, because they didn't give good political education to their youth. Many Indonesian youth are so idealis and always denied the authorities, that's Indonesian youth habit. They saw this is a good opportunity, just use these youths to make demonstrations, oppose the government, etc. To do this they are willing to donate to these youths organizations, and this donation is not in small amount. I know this because I joint their organization until now and see what is their real purposes, is it pure solidarity, or something is behind it. And you will be very surprise in what I saw. I will stay underground with them for a while, to seek out some more information. As I gather enough more I will spread it world wide in the cyberspace, and after I finish my adventure I will publish my informations to the public. But for now that's all I could tell you, I'll be in touch.

P.S: Please spread this message world wide, and thank you very much for you who have done so.

(John Doe) = END OF QUOTE =