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Thousands go on strike in Tangerang and Bogor

Media Indonesia - March 4, 1997

Tangerang – Strikes in Tangerang and Bogor continue. In Tangerang three companies were paralyzed after workers struck demanding better wages and conditions. Thousands of public transport drivers have also gone on strike.

In Bogor, thousands of workers went on strike at PT Timur Jaya Prestasi (TJP) and PT Chungsan Mitra Internasional.

PT Utritama workers demanded to be paid the minimum wage, insurance (Jamsostek), mensuration, pregnancy and annual leave. Workers had made the demands to management many times in the past and went on strike because they were not fulfilled.

PT Fajar Karton also demanded Jamsostek: "Often, if workers have and accident they must treat themselves. When we make a claim, it is rejected by the company" said Mamuri. PT Bentraco Tama workers also demanded to be paid the minimum wage. "The new minimum wage was enacted on April 1, but we are still being paid 4,000 Rupiah" explained Mahmudin. In Bogor, PT Chungsan Mitra Internasional (CMI) and PT Timur Jaya Prestasi (TJP) workers demanded food and transport allowance.

Although the 1,300 PT CMI strike has been going for one week and the PT Timur Jaya Prestasi two days, there is still no indication that the companies will agree to their demands.

[Abridged translation from Media Indonesia - JB]