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Megawati faces rally questions

Reuters - March 4, 1997

Jakarta – Indonesian police on Monday completed questioning of ousted minority party leader Megawati Sukarnoputri over a political rally at her home in January.

Ms Megawati, daughter of late founding president Sukarno, was questioned at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters for about 11/2 hours.

It was the second time she had been questioned about the meeting, which police said was illegal because authorities were not informed in advance.

"The questioning was only for 11/2 hours. It is now finished," lawyer R O Tambunan said.

Hundreds of supporters camped outside the headquarters for the duration and chanted "Megawati will win" when she emerged.

Riot police, wearing wearing protective pads on their torsos and shins for the first time, stood guard but there was no violence.

Ms Megawati was ousted as leader of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) by a government-supported rival in June.

A police-backed raid on PDI headquarters sparked riots in Jakarta on 27 July. At least five people died in the riots.