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Habibie: Communist International uses 'SARA' to split the nation

Unknown - February 7, 1997

Jakarta – Indonesia must be vigilant of maneuvers by the international communist network which wants to play one side off against the other with issues of tribe, religion, race and inter-group (SARA) along with human rights to split the nation, said the head of the Indonesian Islamic Scholars Association (ICMI), B.J. Habibie.

"SARA does not exist in the Indonesian nation. [We] don't want playing side off against the other which will damage national unity" said Habibie in Jakarta on Thursday night.

Moreover, Habibie said that the goal of the maneuvers of the international communist network was to undermine the Indonesian economy which has been relatively successful during the development of the New Order, such that these maneuvers will damage the continuity of national development. He also said that as well as issues of SARA, the international communist network also uses issues human rights which are relatively difficult to "quantify". "Communists you can see are using the issue of social inequality/poverty to achieve their goal" he said.

According to him [Habibie], the rise of the international communist network is one of the reasons, that is the bankruptcy of Communist and Marxist ideology in Europe. Communism and Marxism itself contains a number of contradictions so that it is incapable to answering the challenges in a period of greater complexity.

To prevent this maneuvers from splitting the nation, Habibie asked society to provide information to those in authority if they encounter "strange things" in society. "If you find a report which is true, go quickly to the those in authority. Don't [wait] until we are trapped", he said.

[Abridge translation. Original source unknown (yeh, I know its silly but I just couldn't resist it) - JB]