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Medan police have withdraw 5 certificates of non-involvement in the G30S/PKI affair

Waspada - February 1, 1997

Medan - The Medan police have "withdrawn" 5 legislative election candidate's Certificates of Non-involvement in the G30S/PKI affiar (SKTT, Surat Keterangan Tidak Terlibat G30S/PKI) which were presented by the head of the Golkar Sumut branch.

According to a Waspada source in the police department, the five are:

Army Brig-Gen H.M. Effendi Ritonga (ex-head of Sumut Golkar), H. Marzuki, Drs. Layari Sinukaban, Ir. Elmadon Ketaren and Wagirin Arman. The withdrawl was based on a Bakorstanasda telegram number STR/155/Stada/XII/1996 dated 19 December 1996. Wagrin has complained that there was no clear explanation/basis for the withdraw saying that "the widthdrawl of [my] SKTT is indirect murder, not just for me, but also [my] family. Because by its wthdrawl, I am considered to have been involved in the G30S/PKI affair".

[Abridged translation - JB]