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No charges to be laid against APCET meeting participants

Malaysian Attorney General's Office Press Statement - January 30, 1997

The police have referred the Investigation Papers concerning the meeting of the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timur [sic] II (APCET) and the one concerning the unlawful assembly which disrupted the said meeting on 9 November 1996 to the Attorney General Chambers.

The Hon. Attorney General after perusing the Investigation Papers concerning the participants of APCET, of which sixty(60) persons had been arrested, has decided not to prefer any charge whatsoever against them.

As for the one which involved the participants of the unlawful assembly, seven(7) persons had been arrested by the police on the said day. Four(4) were arrested in the meeting room on the fourth floor Asia Hotel Kuala Lumpur whilst another three(3) were arrested outside the said hotel. There were several others identified but were not arrested.

The Hon. Attorney General after having carefully reviewed and assessed the evidence disclosed in the investigation conducted by the police, has decided to institute criminal prosecution against the four of them, namely:

1. Saifuddin Nasution Bin Ismail
2. Nadzri Binismail [sic]
3. Mohamad Supardi bin MD. Noor
4. Abdul Hadi bin MD. Zam for their conduct of illegally disrupting the meeting of APCET.

They will be charged in the Magistrate's Court Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, 31 January 1997.

[signature] Tun ABD. Majid bin Tun Hamzah Special Officer of the Attorney General, Malaysia

30 January 1997