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Timor ratifies opposition to US blockade, support of Cuban five

Cuban News Agency (CAN) - September 9, 2009

Havana – The President of East Timor's National Parliament, Fernando La Sama de Araujo, ratified on Tuesday his country's opposition to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government against Cuba.

"The government of East Timor continues to oppose this unilateral measure and demands its lifting," the visitor told ACN in this capital. In another moment of his statement, the head of East Timor's Parliament thanked Cuba for the valuable help it's currently giving to his country.

After describing bilateral relations as very good, he said that Cuba is giving the people of East Timor "what it needs in the health and education sectors, which are essential spheres for the nation's future", he affirmed.

"I'm here to thank the Cuban people and government for that solidarity and to explore possibilities to expand relations between the two countries," stressed La Sama de Araujo, who is on an official visit to the Caribbean island.

Likewise, Fernando La Sama de Araujo, demanded the release of the five Cuban antiterrorists unjustly incarcerated in the United States.

At the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples in Havana, the visitor met with the relatives of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Rene Gonzalez -The Five, as they're known internationally- who on Saturday we'll have been imprisoned 11 years, serving arbitrary and harsh sentences.

He said that he understands and shares the suffering of these brave men and their loved ones, since he was in prison for six and a half years during the times in which his homeland was occupied and he struggled for its independence.

We know that both The Five and their relatives are facing an unjust situation, but they're not alone, because they have friends all over the world, he affirmed.

La Sama de Araujo said that this is a political case and that US President Barack Obama can and should adopt the decision of releasing these prisoners, since they have not committed any crime.

He pointed out that The Five are heroes before the Cuban people and the world, above all for those who love peace and the truth. On behalf of Jose Ramos Horta, President of the Republic of East Timor, and of the country's Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao, I once again express our solidarity, he reiterated.

Adriana Perez, Elizabeth Palmeiro, Rosa Aurora Freijanes and Olga Salanueva, the wives of Gerardo, Ramsn, Fernando and Rene, respectively, and Mirta Rodrmguez, Antonio Guerrero's mother, gave the President of the Parliament from East Timor details on the development of this falsified legal process.