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Jokowi calls for global peace and reclamation of strategic assets on Pancasila Day

Jakarta Globe - June 1, 2024

Juan Ardya Guardiola, Riau – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo underscored the importance of Indonesia's foundational ideology, Pancasila, in liberating the nation from foreign dependence. He also called for global peace, especially for Palestine, and urged the reclaiming of strategic national assets from foreign control.

This message was conveyed during the Pancasila Day ceremony at Garuda Field, Pertamina Hulu Rokan, Dumai, Riau, on Saturday.

"We hope that Pancasila will liberate us from dependence on foreign parties," Jokowi said.

During the ceremony, Jokowi wore traditional black Teluk Belanga attire adorned with gold patterns, accompanied by a songket cloth and a yellow sash, with a tengkolok or tanjak headpiece. Meanwhile, ministers uniformly wore traditional Riau clothing.

According to Jokowi, Pancasila plays a significant role in maintaining Indonesia's unity and stability, positively impacting Indonesia and serving as an example for other nations.

Pancasila consists of five principles representing Indonesia's national ideology: belief in one God, a just and civilized humanity, national unity, democracy, and social justice.

In a tense geopolitical climate and economic uncertainties, the head of state urged all Indonesians to remain optimistic, highlighting Pancasila as the nation's guiding principle.

"We have strong social and cultural capital, quality human resources, and abundant natural resources. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen our national independence and economic self-reliance," he explained.

Jokowi reaffirmed Indonesia's consistent independent and active foreign policy, advocating for the independence of all nations, including Palestine, and supporting world peace.

He also noted Indonesia's growing role in international politics, evidenced by its leadership in the G-20, successful ASEAN chairmanship, and contributions to various international events, including the recently concluded World Water Forum (WWF) Summit.

"Active participation in international affairs does not diminish our fight for economic self-reliance. We continue to strive for economic independence through domestic industrialization in various sectors," he added.The President stressed that the nation's wealth must be fully utilized for the people's prosperity and that Indonesia must actively reclaim strategic national assets for management and maximum benefit for its citizens.

One significant national asset successfully reclaimed is the Rokan Oil Block in Riau.

"After taking over the majority shares of (gold mine)Freeport, we then took over the Rokan Block in Dumai, the most productive oil and gas block in Indonesia's history, previously managed by Caltex and Chevron for 97 years," he asserted.

Jokowi reported that state oil and gas company Pertamina's current production in the Rokan Block reaches 162,000 barrels per day, higher than when managed by Caltex or Chevron, contributing 25 percent of Indonesia's total national production.

"The Rokan Block is the largest. Freeport and the Rokan Block are just examples of our spirit and efforts to achieve political sovereignty and economic independence, embodying Pancasila in real life, building an economy that stands on our strength and serves national interests," he explained.

The President also encouraged the actualization and transmission of Pancasila's values amidst rapid developments. These values need to be manifested through concrete actions and policies, producing clear results for the people's benefit.

However, Jokowi also suggested that the methods of transmitting Pancasila's values should be adapted to the younger generation, which currently dominates Indonesia's demographics. Future generations, including millennials, Gen Z, and Alpha, are expected to uphold Indonesia's cultural heritage.

"Therefore, we must educate Pancasila in their ways, with exemplary practices, and use and develop Indonesian culture," Jokowi concluded.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/jokowi-calls-for-global-peace-and-reclamation-of-strategic-assets-on-pancasila-da