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Prabowo Subianto says concerns of democracy in Indonesia fabricated by press

Tempo - May 16, 2024

Yohanes Maharso Joharsoyo, Jakarta – President-elect Prabowo Subianto said accusations that he would "clamp down on democracy" in Indonesia were untrue. According to him, the accusation was made by some people in the press.

This statement was made by Prabowo when responding to a question from senior journalist Haslinda Amin at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Qatar, on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Haslinda asked Prabowo about the concerns of some people that Prabowo would reduce the quality of democracy in Indonesia.

Prabowo said that Indonesian people should be asked about democracy. He had participated in the election four times, he said, and this was the first time the people of Indonesia "gave their consent."

"Where is the concern about democracy? I think the concern is made up by some people in the press," he said.

Prabowo also confirmed that his experience in the military would not influence the policies of the government he would lead. "You know, I've been out of the military for about more than 25 years. So I think that's what you call a non-sequitur, so it doesn't relate to any kind of leadership (I will follow)," said Prabowo.

Prabowo claimed he would prioritize the well-being of the Indonesian people. He said he would try to ensure that his people had a good life and that no one went hungry.

"I will be myself," he said when asked what kind of leadership he will follow. "That means that you are true to your principles, your values, (and) your ideals. As a patriot, my main value is the well-being of my people. My people must be safe, must not be hungry, and must have a good life. That is the dream of every patriot of every country in the world."

Prabowo said that he had grown up in many countries and saw that people were very poor. According to him, Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world yet many Indonesians live difficult lives.

"And that's what drives me. I want to do my bit. I want to make my contribution with my insight, experience, and my leadership. I believe I can contribute a lot (in) bettering the lives of my people," Prabowo concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1868402/prabowo-subianto-says-concerns-of-democracyin-indonesia-fabricated-by-pres