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Job Creation Law to enable a more inclusive economy: Task force

Jakarta Globe - April 25, 2024

Jakarta – The Job Creation Law is expected to create a more inclusive economy for Indonesia, according to the task force that is in charge of promoting the policy.

The government has appointed a task force to nurture mutual understanding regarding the Job Creation Law between the national and sub-national governments, businesspeople, as well as the public. Their task also includes getting all government bodies to take notes of the concerns related to the policy from stakeholders.

The task force's secretary Arif Budimanta said that there were three reasons behind the making of the Job Creation law. The policy seeks to provide ease, protection, and empowerment for Indonesia's micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Arif said that many people had not fully understood the reasoning behind the Job Creation Law, despite the policy's goal of opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet their hiring needs amidst the ever-increasing workforce.

"The Job Creation Law helps to channel the demographic bonus by creating jobs. We make it easier for everyone to carry out business activities, not only large businesses but also small ones, both in terms of ease in business licensing, access to capital and employment aspects, so that the need for employment can be absorbed," Arif was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

According to Arif, the Job Creation Law is a new breakthrough to streamline the business system integration process into a digital-based, single entry with the so-called risk-based online single submission (OSS). He also said that President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo even called the law as something that would build a new culture at work that would be "more affirmative, inclusive, accountable, and responsible".

Arif added that Indonesia boasted great economic potential, thanks to the abundance of natural resources that lie not only on land but also in the waters. To supercharge the country's economy, this huge economic potential must be coupled with job creation.

"We already have a corridor called the Job Creation Law as an instrument, and we have the resources. We only need two things: crafting institutions and crafting government. If we can do this quickly, we shall be able to boost the country's economy," Arif said.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/special-updates/job-creation-law-to-enable-a-more-inclusive-economy-task-forc