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42Geeks to land in Jakarta and help local start-up ecosystem take off

Jakarta Post - February 21, 2024

Sheena Suparman, Jakarta – 42Geeks has arrived in Jakarta to foster more global connections in the technology industry. Indonesia's capital city joins the vast array of key regions that have hosted the group, with cities located in East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and of course, Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2008 by Dave McClure and rebooted in 2022 by Chok Ooi, the group that was previously known as Geeks on a Plane (GOAP) has been successful in building one of the most exclusive and valuable technology communities, encompassing leading investors, unicorn founders and start-up ecosystem facilitators from Silicon Valley, simply known as The Geeks Network.

Through their world expedition, the Geeks Tour provides participants with the opportunity to build relationships with peers to generate investments, network and discuss business opportunities, as well as deal flow. From Feb. 21 to 24, the Geeks will take over Jakarta before heading off to Singapore and Malaysia.

"For 42Geeks, exploring Jakarta's technology ecosystem is not just about discovering the latest trends; it's about making connections and cultivating collaboration. We believe in the power of community-based innovation, and we are excited to collaborate with local leaders and entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of technology in Jakarta." Chok Ooi said about the exciting visit.

As one of a series of events, 42Geeks will collaborate with BUBU.com, through one of its ventures, StartupIndonesia.co, which is a start-up database platform providing opportunities for start-ups throughout Indonesia to meet investors from all over the world.

Carrying the theme "the Jakarta Tech Ecosystem," the one-day event will be held on Feb. 22 at the Sapta Pesona Building, supported by the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry.

"The government continues to be committed to and supports the development of digital start-ups, not only as a regulator, but also as a facilitator and accelerator by encouraging digital entrepreneurship and helping to accelerate and encourage the growth of digital start-ups." said Minister Sandiaga Uno.

He stated that the digital economy was a sector that was strong in facing crises, therefore a digital economic ecosystem that strengthens each other is very important. Fostering Indonesia's start-up ecosystem is also a vital component that will advance the country's creative economy as a whole.

"In recent years, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has focused on increasing the role of digital start-ups in developing community potential, especially through the BEKUP [BAPAREKRAF for start-up] program, which is designed to support and develop the start-up ecosystem in Indonesia," he added. Since 2016, BEKUP has been present in more than 20 cities and produced more than 750 pre-start-ups.

The ministry has outlined a special plan to develop the creative economy, known as the 3G strategy; gercep, geber and gaspol. The first step, gercep, can be loosely translated as quick action, especially after the pandemic. One of the biggest effects from the pandemic is the realization of the need to address neglected problems that were never looked at before.

The second step, geber, means a joint movement, which arises from the realization that quick action alone is not enough. Collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders are very important in order to make something a reality.

Finally, gaspol refers to the untapped potential in all business fields. All potential business fields can offer advantages of opportunities in various sectors, including tourism village programs, creative initiatives, recognition of Indonesian creations and support for digital entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Bubu and StartupIndonesia, Shinta Dhanuwadoyo, also spoke on the importance of the event on Feb. 22. Along with Shinta, the event will also hold presentations from several curated Indonesian start-ups, including Carbon Share and Agri Sparta.

"This event is a valuable opportunity for global investors who are members of 42Geeks to explore the potential of the start-up ecosystem in Indonesia. Jakarta, as a rapidly developing innovation center, is now the main focus for them, opening special opportunities for local start-ups selected to showcase the excellence of their businesses in front of the elite from Silicon Valley who are part of 42Geeks. By participating in the start-up curation process and organizing events, StartupIndonesia confirms its commitment to supporting the growth of the start-up ecosystem in the country," said Shinta.

She advised that overcoming uncertainty would be easier to handle when start-ups have the enthusiasm to connect with each other because this will encourage teamwork, maximize resources and maintain smooth communication, all of which are efforts to increase innovation and help business growth.

42Geeks' visit to Jakarta will be a focal point for local entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and industry leaders to connect with the international start-up community. Through firechat, pitching and networking sessions, this event aims to contribute to Jakarta's position as a fast-growing technology hub in Southeast Asia.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/adv/2024/02/21/42geeks-to-land-in-jakarta-and-help-local-start-up-ecosystem-take-off.htm