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Papua Education Agency unveils 2024 agenda prioritizing human development, literacy, accreditation, and building schools

Tabloid Jubi - January 17, 2024

Jayapura, Jubi – The main focus of the Papua Regional Education, Library, and Archives Agency (DPPAD) in 2024 will be addressing Human Development Index, illiteracy eradication, school accreditation, and the construction of permanent school buildings.

These four issues represent the fundamental educational challenges in Papua Province. Christian Sohilait, the Head of Papua DPPAD, conveyed this during a celebration and welcoming event for the year 2023-2024 held in Jayapura City on Friday (12/1/2024).

"These are our priorities for this year, to resolve the four educational issues in Papua," he stated.

According to Sohilait, the Human Development Index (HDI) in Papua is still below 70. The Papua Office of Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded the HDI in Papua in 2023 at 63.01.

Christian mentioned that the illiteracy rate in Papua is still at 19 percent, significantly higher than the national illiteracy rate of 1 percent. Additionally, more than 300 schools in Papua are not yet accredited.

He also highlighted that out of 2,800 primary to high school-level schools, two percent of them do not have permanent school buildings.

He explained that these challenges persist because throughout 2023, the agency was occupied with the transfer of teachers and educators, as well as asset transfers following the approval of Law No. 2/2021 on the Second Amendment to Law No. 21/2001 concerning Papua Special Autonomy.

Furthermore, the budget allocation for the Papua DPPAD has decreased, making educational interventions in Papua less effective.

"With minimal funds, there is a significant burden placed on DPPAD Papua, such as managing the school operation aid (BOS) funds, accrediting teachers and school principals, and other tasks that the new province cannot yet undertake. In essence, we were preoccupied with everything related to the New Autonomous Regions (DOB) last year. Second, we could not express ourselves because the budget has decreased drastically. Now, I invite all staff to focus on addressing these issues," Sohilait concluded. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/papua-education-agency-unveils-2024-agenda-prioritizing-human-development-literacy-accreditation-and-building-schools