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GAPKI records surge in Indonesian processed palm oil export

Tempo - November 22, 2023

Yohanes Maharso Joharsoyo, Jakarta – The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA, locally known as GAPKI) recorded a 29.9 percent surge in processed palm oil export in September to 2,693 tons from 2,073 tons the previous month.

The Executive Director of GAPKI Mukti Sardjono mentioned that the biggest surge was found in processed CPO (crude palm oil) from 1,245 tons in August to 1,968 tons in September.

"PKO (palm kernel oil) export also recorded a surge from 78,000 tons in August to 130,000 tons in September while oleochemical export showed a decrease from 416,000 tons in August to 333,000 tons in September," Mukti said in a statement quoted on Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

The biggest export decline, Mukti revealed, occurred for the export destination to China, from 920,000 tons in August to 781,000 tons in September. It was followed by exports to India which also recorded a decline from 744,000 tons in August to 352,000 tons in September.

The initial stock of processed palm oil in September was 3,238 tons, production stock was 4,537 tons, consumption stock was 1,979 tons and export stock was 2,693 tons. Thus, the stock by the end of September was 3,103 tons, a drop from the stock in August with 3,238 tons.

Meanwhile, CPO production in September increased by 7.5 percent from the previous month with 4,143 tons. PKO production also increased by 7.6 percent to 394,000 tons.

"The total domestic consumption in September dropped by 2.9 percent from August with 1,979 tons from 2,037 tons," Mukti added.

The biggest decline recorded, Mukti added, occurred in biodiesel, dropping from 956,000 tons in August to 924,000 in September. Meanwhile, oleochemical consumption hiked up from 183,000 tons in August to 190,000 in September.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1799890/gapki-records-surge-in-indonesian-processed-palm-oil-expor