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BPS says Papua's export to China surpasses US$138.38 million this month

Tempo - November 16, 2023

Antara, Jakarta – Statistics Indonesia (BPS) Papua Province revealed that China is the province's one of the six biggest export destinations with US$138.38 million as of October 2023.

Head of BPS Papa Adriana Helena Carolina stated that amongst the exported commodities are ores, slag, and ash (HS26).

"Meanwhile, the export value to the neighboring country of Papua New Guinea in October amounted to US$0.08 million," she said on Wednesday in Jayapura.

According to Adriana, exports to Papua's six main export destinations amounted to US$556.89 million, a decline of 13.02 percent compared to the export values in September with US$640.26 million.

"[However] cumulatively, from the January to October 2023 period the export value of US$4,083.67 million from Papua to its six main export destinations increased by 12.31 percent, compared to the US$3,636.13 million at the same period last year," she said.

Adriana explained that Papua's exports to other countries from the January to October 2023 period, on the other hand, experienced a 36.55 percent decrease to US$1,010.06 million compared to the same period in 2022 with US$1,591.85 million.

"The export to the six main export destinations contributed 80.17 percent of the total export from Papua during January-October 2023," she added.

The head of BPS Papua also explained that in October, Papua's export value amounted to US$611.21 million, or a decrease of 20.77 percent compared to the previous month with US$771.41 million.

"This month, Papua exported US$611.21 million of the non-oil and gas sector and US$15 million of oil and gas sector," she concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1797410/bps-says-papuas-export-to-china-surpasses-us138-38-million-this-mont