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West Papua resident arrested for alleged shooting, KontraS raises concerns over wrongful arrest

Tabloid Jubi - October 17, 2023

Manokwari, Jubi – Melianus Iba, a resident of Aroba District, Bintuni Bay Regency in West Papua, was taken into custody on Sunday, September 24, 2023, for allegedly firing shots at an Indonesian Military (TNI) post in the district. Subsequently, Melianus was identified as a suspect and detained at the Bintuni Bay Police Headquarters.

Melkianus from rights organization KontraS Papua reported that during the interrogation by the Teluk Bintuni Police, Melianus was questioned without the presence of legal counsel.

He emphasized that Melianus should have been accompanied by a lawyer during the questioning, as it is his right, especially considering the potential penalty of over five years, in accordance with Article 56 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Additionally, Melkianus expressed suspicions that Melianus Iba may have been wrongfully arrested. This suspicion was based on witness testimonies describing the circumstances surrounding the shooting incident. He intends to present these witness accounts for further examination, as there is a belief that Melianus might be a victim of a wrongful arrest.

Melkianus urged the Teluk Bintuni Police not to overlook the importance of collecting evidence through means other than the suspect's confession. He noted that the police could be seen as violating the principle of non-self-incrimination if proven to have made a wrongful arrest. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/west-papua-resident-arrested-for-alleged-shooting-kontras-raises-concerns-over-wrongful-arrest