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Son of PKB lawmaker named suspect in girlfriend's death

Jakarta Globe - October 6, 2023

Ahmad Shoim, Surabaya – The son of a National Awakening Party (PKB) lawmaker was declared a suspect on Friday, with the police alleging that he assaulted his girlfriend to death.

Gregorius Ronald Tannur was arrested and charged with aggravated assault shortly after the death of Dini Sera Afriyanti, aged 28, at a shopping mall's parking lot in the city of Surabaya on Wednesday.

He is the son of Edward Tannur, a member of the House of Representatives Commission IV overseeing labor, education, science, youth affairs, and sports.

"Based on the evidence we collected during the investigation, we have identified GR as a suspect," said Surabaya Metropolitan Police Chief Pasma Royce during a news conference, identifying the suspect by his initials.

The charge of aggravated assault carries a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison.

Pasma said that the police reviewed videos from security cameras in at least five different locations.

Dimas Yemahura Alfarauq, an attorney representing the deceased's family, said on Thursday that Dini was a widow from the West Java town of Sukabumi and had a 12-year-old child.

Dimas alleged that Gregorius used his car to ram into Dini at the parking lot of Lenmarc Mall on Jalan Mayjen Jonosewejo, Surabaya, pointing out visible tire marks on her hand.

According to the lawyer, Gregorius then took a severely injured Dini to an apartment, before moving to the hospital where Dini died en route.

"She was a victim of aggravated assault that resulted in her death," Dimas said.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/son-of-pkb-lawmaker-named-suspect-in-girlfriends-deat