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Man at Jakarta mosque filmed switching QR codes on donation boxes with his own

Coconuts Jakarta - April 10, 2023

We may have our differences when it comes to the pronunciation of QRIS, but hopefully we can all agree that using the electronic transaction tool to steal from a mosque is an abomination.

A video is circulating widely showing a man caught by a CCTV camera acting all sus as he approaches money donation boxes at the Nurul Iman Mosque in Blok M, South Jakarta. He takes out stickers containing a QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) code presumably linked to his personal bank account, before placing them on the donation boxes.

His stickers were nearly identical to those the mosque had placed on the boxes.

If you scan the first QRIS code in the video above, which reportedly belongs to the man, you will be able to transfer funds to an account named "Restorasi Mesjid" (Mosque renovations) based in Medan, North Sumatra. The mosque's original sticker is worn out and its QRIS code is no longer detectable by our phones.

Could this man actually have been trying to help out the mosque? Well, it turns out that he has recently been going around several major mosques in South Jakarta to spread his QRIS code. One caretaker at the Al-Azhar Grand Mosque told Kompas that they found the culprit's fake QRIS code on 12 donation boxes and that they have no idea who he is, meaning that it's more likely that he set up a fake bank account to carry out the elaborate scheme.

In light of the incident, Al-Azhar has temporarily paused accepting donations digitally. Police say they are launching an investigation even though no mosque has filed an official complaint.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/man-at-jakarta-mosque-filmed-switching-qr-codes-for-donation-boxes-with-his-own