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Bali tourists banned from riding motorcycles after bad behaviour

Straits Times - March 13, 2023

Bali – Popular tourist destination Bali has had enough of unruly riders. Foreign tourists will not be allowed to use motorcycles to get around the island after a string of accidents led to injuries and even deaths.

"They're disorderly and they misbehave," said Governor Wayan Koster on Monday. From here on, foreigners should only use modes of transport prepared by tourism services that meet certain standards "to ensure quality and dignified tourism," he added.

It is unclear how the ban would be upheld. Mr Koster has sought the legal ministry's support to let Bali revoke visas if any foreign tourists are found riding motorbikes, or if they're found committing other wrongdoings like illegally working or misusing stay permits.

The holiday destination has been marred by motorcycle accidents recently.

Last month, a Russian tourist was detained by the police after riding under the influence of alcohol and crashing into a local rider, causing him to be hospitalised.

In January, a Ukrainian tourist and a Russian visitor died in a road traffic collision.

Authorities have also asked the central immigration agency to cancel a visa-on-arrival policy for Russian and Ukrainian nationals after tourists were found working illegally.

Russian nationals are among the biggest groups of foreign arrivals in Indonesia, according to official tourism data.

At least four Russian citizens were deported this month for visa violations and immigration authorities have repeatedly warned foreigners in Bali against working on tourist visas.

Mr Koster said on Sunday he asked the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to tighten visa requirements by cancelling the visa-on-arrival facility specifically for Russian and Ukrainian citizens.

"Because they are at war, so they flocked to Bali, including those who sought comfort or came to work here," he said, according to a post on the immigration agency's Instagram account.

He added these two countries were singled out because their citizens' infractions were more "significant" than those of others. (Bloomberg, Reuters)

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