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Industry ministry calls for end to illegal import of used shoes

Tempo - March 6, 2023

Amelia Rahima Sari, Jakarta – Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita demanded the practice of illegal import of used shoes be stopped. This statement is in response to the viral Reuters investigation that found shoes meant for recycling in Singapore ended up in second-hand footwear shops in Batam and Jakarta.

"This illegal import of used shoes must be stopped because it has a negative impact on the domestic footwear industry," said Agus in a press statement, on Monday, March 6, 2023.

According to him, the investigation showed that the illegal import practice was carried out in an organized manner and misused social projects.

To overcome this, Agus said his ministry could not act alone. "It needs support from parties who have the authority to strictly enforce the regulations," he underlined.

The Industry Ministry has further coordinated with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs on the issue and increased supervision of imported goods up to the smallest port. The ministry also synergized with the Trade Ministry to prepare prohibitions and restrictions regarding textile products.

Additionally, the Industry Ministry proposed adding an article on the obligation for business actors to include registration numbers for Security, Safety, Health, and Environment (K3L) goods and Goods Registration Numbers (NPB) or Indonesian National Standards (SNI) on their electronic trade displays for textile products and footwear that are subject to Trade Minister's Regulation 26/2021.

Furthermore, Agus explained that the ministry proposed that imports of footwear products be carried out at the border. "And proposed the provision of Government Borne Import Duty (BMDTP) incentives for imports of raw materials and auxiliary materials for local brand footwear products," he added.

The Industry Ministry also continued to encourage product development programs for small and medium footwear industry players which include technology development and marketing access programs for export-oriented footwear.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1699148/industry-ministry-calls-for-end-to-illegal-import-of-used-shoe