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Soekarno-Hatta customs foil liquid cocaine smuggling attempt

Tempo - March 1, 2023

Joniansyah Hardjono, Tangerang – The Soekarno-Hatta Airport customs and excise office on Tuesday managed to foil a smuggling attempt of liquid cocaine that was carried by a Brazilian native identified as GPS (26). The class 1 narcotics were smuggled inside shampoo and body soap bottles.

"There were 2,030 milliliters of cocaine stored in six bottles of toiletries," said the airport's head of customs and excise on Tuesday, February 28.

He acknowledged that this comes as a new and unique way of smuggling the contraband and said officials were nearly duped as the liquid was clear and officials that tested the liquid found it to be negative for narcotics.

"Its consistency was clear but smelled funny. Our personnel did not just give up and retested the substance," he recalled. "The test results were positive for group 1 cocaine on the clear layer, while the white layer contained the chemical content of glycerol as a binder for the cocaine liquid."

The Brazilian was arrested at Terminal 3 after flying on a Qatar Airways flight from Rio De Janeiro to Jakarta.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1697135/soekarno-hatta-customs-foil-liquid-cocaine-smuggling-attemp