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Jayapura City Police investigate explosion near senior journalist's house

Tabloid Jubi - January 24, 2023

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura City Police are investigating the explosion on Monday morning, January 23, 2023 at the Bak Air Complex, Jl. Pasir 6, Angkasapura Village, Jayapura City, about five meters next to the house of Papua's senior journalist Victor Mambor.

"We are currently investigating the crime scene. Hopefully, the results can be obtained soon," said Jayapura City Police chief Sr. Come. Victor Dean Mackbon in Jayapura City.

He emphasized that this was an act of terror as it used explosives. "Officers have secured the remains of the explosion residue. It will be taken to the Papua Police Forensic Laboratory to find out the shape and content of the explosives," he said.

Meanwhile, Mambor said the incident occurred at around 04.00 a.m. Papua time.

"I happened to be watching TV at the time. The sound was so loud that my house also shook as if there was an earthquake," said Mambor.

He admitted that after hearing the sound he did not immediately leave the house to check. However, neighbors saw thick smoke and flames from the scene.

"There were neighbors from the top of the Capela Pilamo worship building who came because they thought there was a fire as there was thick smoke. Two minutes later, I came out of the house and smelled a very strong sulfur odor," he said.

According to Mambor, the explosion damaged the road asphalt about 2 centimeters deep.

"Indeed, before the sound of the explosion, I heard the sound of a motorcycle from the road towards Pasir 6. Not long after, I heard the sound of a motorcycle right next to the house towards the big road, and one minute later there was a big explosion," he explained.

With this incident, Mambor hoped that the police could immediately reveal the motive and perpetrators of terror.

"I hope this can be revealed soon because this is the second time I have experienced terror like this. Last year my car was vandalized by people. Until now it is not clear who the perpetrators are," said Mambor.(*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/jayapura-city-police-investigate-explosion-near-senior-journalists-house