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Local leaders urged to interact with residents after family of 4 found dead in Kalideres

Tempo - November 15, 2022

Antara, Jakarta – The West Jakarta City Government is evaluating the leaders of neighborhood and community units (RT and RW) in Kalideres, after a family of four was found dead in their home at Citra Garden housing complex, West Jakarta on Thursday night.

The urban village chief of Kalideres, Naman Setiawan, said that the duties of RT and RW heads are not limited to registering residents. They must also develop active interactions with their neighbors. RT and RW administrators, he said, must be proactive in approaching residents who seemed shut off, such as by inviting them to join joint activities or to neighborhood meetings.

That way, he said, they will know if there are problems. "If there is a problem, we solve it together," Naman said in Jakarta, Monday, November 14, as quoted from Antara.

Naman also appealed to RT and RW heads to actively use social media to build relationships with fellow citizens.

The people of Kalideres were shocked by discovery of four dead family members in their house, locked from the inside, on Thursday evening, November 10.

The local RT chief went to the police to report a foul smell that was coming out from a house. The police then broke into the house and found the family members' bodies already decomposing.

The deceased are 71-year-old man RG, his wife RM (66), their daughter DF (42), and RG's brother in-law BG (69). The autopsy report revealed the absence of food in their digestive systems.

"There is no food in their stomach so it can be assumed – based on doctors examination – that they hadn't eaten or drunk anything for a quite long time because their [stomach] muscles have shrunk," West Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Pasma Royce told reporters.

Preliminary police investigation also found indications of foul play such as injuries. The police are still investigating this case.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1656871/local-leaders-urged-to-interact-with-residents-after-family-of-4-found-dead-in-kalideres