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Police suggests protests to be moved to Monas

Tempo - September 23, 2022

Muhsin Sabilillah (Intern), Jakarta – The Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Fadli Imran proposed for mass protests to be moved from public streets at West Medan Merdeka street to within the National Monument (Monas) area. Fadli argued that it would help solve traffic congestion problems often occur during demonstrations.

"I have an idea to move demonstrations from West Medan Merdeka to Monas," said Imran as he meet with representatives of college students and labor workers at the Metro Jaya police meeting hall on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

If the idea is to be approved, Fadli said that the police will help facilitate protestors by providing necessary equipment to help protestors voice their mind, such as constructing a stage and providing loudspeakers. Fadli asserted that the Monas area can accommodate around 5,000 to 6,000 protestors.

"I've already purchased a 30 thousand watt sound system, which is similar to [equipment at] Metallica's concert at the Wembley Stadium in London," Fadli explained. "We will add stages here for their voice. [Protestors] no longer need to bring with them a command vehicle, just bring yourself."

Fadli added that police will also act as a mediator between the demonstrators and government representatives. However, he made it clear that this remains to be a concept that does not have a deadline for its realization.

"It is still a concept. We will discuss this collectively," said the Metro Jaya Police Chief.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1637586/police-suggests-protests-to-be-moved-to-mona